I am gonna need to re stock my black colour. #whatido #whatilove #fabercastell #polychromos #wip #sketch

I am gonna need to re stock my black colour. #whatido #whatilove #fabercastell #polychromos #wip #sketch

freak out

i am not sure. i am walking further towards the opposite direction of what I want, what I really want.

and it freaks me out.

i am unhappy, stress, and holding it in for the sake to please everybody.

i am tired. i am not suppose to live this way.

I turn down raffles

I am so gonna regret it.

but its not only one. there are lots. one of them, raffles.

but its not only one. there are lots. one of them, raffles.

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how is your preparation of CNY going? Mine does not feel like I am about to celebrate something tho. Office required all my time.

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hey its 2014

i am back after a year. many many many many things has happened. I have been wanting to update something to my tumblr, but my internet line have been cut off since V moved out. Old house felt so empty and i was too lazy to continue and pay internet bill which I don’t use a lot. February 2013 we moved to a new house, much brighter and homey house.I am thankful for that. I love my bed room bcs I have my very own big table to do scraps on inside. June 2013 I went to China which i did not enjoy not even a lil bit due to its extremely HOT weather.  July 2013 has been a very hard month for me. On September, me and Connie started Como.By November 2013 I finally graduates from ITnB, which is not so important tho, and I am not so proud either (should I?). In the same month, I cut my hair short, like real short, which I think looks pretty good. Anyway 2013 has been a great year, I laugh a lot I cry a lot and I learned a lot. I struggle a lot too. I was being asked to choose, to fail my Dad’s will, or to pursue my dream and passion. I chose to postpone my dream. Daddy has been a great man, the one I will respect for the rest of my life, my teacher, and surprisingly my dear friend. My dream can wait, I wish I can make him proud. Connie once told me I will be rewarded for what I did, my endurance. I wish lol. For the first time I feel the sense of belonging in the company. I worry. I worry a lot nowadays. 

"Count your blessings."

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